Sunday, January 25, 2015


Happy Sunday lovelies, As usual I hope this week is treating you all well.
Been recuperating this week hence the lack of posts during this week but I suppose it gave you all a chance to catch up on my posts and videos etc. So Last week dolls I got the chance to attend the launch event at the Gibson hotel and it was super Fab! Filled with champagne and all sorts of yummy goodies plus I got to meet some other lovely YouTubers and Bloggers I watch (Hi Melanie ..Hi Grace).
The Product
The super innovative secret product being introduced was Benefit’s Brand new Roller Lash mascara, which will retail for €26. Unlike the Benefit They’re Real mascara (review here) which was made for naturally long lashes, Benefit’s roller lash was basically designed for people just like me, who those who weren’t particularly born with long beautiful eyelashes, who have smaller eyes and straighter lashes.

The brush has what in it ???
HOOKS ! This is the first mascara ever to have hooks in it’s brush dolls …. tiny almost invisible hooks! Which basically hook and grab each individual eyelash. Benefit tried many combinations before they came up with the perfect hook direction that makes the roller lash mascara what it is.

Formula and Wiper
Althought I fell in love with this product the moment I saw it on the model, I tested out the mascara for about a week to make sure my review on the product could be as accurate as possible and dolls I love it! It was just as beautiful on me as it was on the model above and it's 12 hours curl setting power holds up plus it also has a wiper that helps you dispense the perfect amount of product each time....... what more could you ask for ?

Don't take my word for it!! What did other people think?
97% said it visibly lifts lashes
87% said it gives long-lasting curl
94% said eyes look more wide open!

 In the video on MsDebDeb I purposely did not wear any mascara so you can see the significant difference the Roller lash mascara adds to the volume of my lashes in the demo. I must say this volume holds up for the rest of the day (12 hours+) also so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

In conclusion Benefit’s Roller Lash is a just a fab products! pick “Roller Lash” up when it’s out in February and test it out for yourself.
 Pre-order it: Click here

- New + Innovative hooks
- Gorgeous packaging
- Easier to remove than They’re Real (which I still love!)
- Super lifting and curling


- Price might be a turn off for some.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015


H&M Dress | EBAY Bag | PRIMARK Necklace | MICHEAL KORS Watch | ZARA Shoes

“A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” 

It's Sunday dolls, which means it's lé Post Day number two. Today I'm showing you dolls one of my Sunday outfits, in fact this is the first official Sunday OOTD on UBH. Well, most of you know that I'm a Christian which means on Sundays I like to dress up for church.
In today's post I'm wearing a green textured dress from H&M and I love this dress. Sometimes I like to try new things and maybe I normally wouldn't wear a dress like this but I decided to give it a try for church and surprisingly I ended up liking it more and feeling a lot more comfortable in it.

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